Theatre party

Why is theatre good for children?

Acting and living the theatre gives a particular light to children, it is an incredibly generous activity of stimuli in several areas:

1. teaches us to know and express our emotions, allowing us to learn to manage them in a more balanced way by letting them flow through the game and fun in the protected container that is the group
2. increases self-esteem. Nothing like an applause helps overcome natural shyness especially in children
3. teaches to be with others. In the group it is essential to know how to listen and respect others, in the same way that you feel listened to and respected
4. teaches you to use your body inside a space both physical and expressive. The awareness of one’s own movements corresponds to an increased management of the stage space.
5. allows everyone to express their creativity and imagination, it is a great exercise to support children in the discovery of their individuality and the need to express it.


In this type of party every child is invited to choose his character and to turn himself supported by the innocent magic of a little makeup and a disguise.
In turn and in front of the other guests each child will interpret the story in which he decided to emphasize by giving life in disguise to the fantastic game par excellence of early childhood “Let’s pretend that I was…”.
It is an enchanting opportunity in which children can confront themselves without pressure with the stage, the audience, the acting and getting involved while feeling sheltered from the festive circumstance and the playful atmosphere that a birthday brings with it.

Quick Info

Addressed to:
  • Kindergarten
  • preschool
  • primary school
  • birthdays
  • public/private events
  • families
  • libraries
Age range:5-12 years
N° partecipants:Max 15 kids
Duration:3 hours
Required material:None
Place:Outdoor or indoor