Confetti gun

This creative workshop for children that uses simple materials such as a toilet roll, scotch tape, a cut balloon and scraps of coloured paper to create a confetti gun for Mardi Gras is a fun and constructive activity for children. This type of activity allows them to develop their creativity and dexterity, as well as offering an opportunity to spend time with friends and family during the holidays.


To start the workshop, children will have to collect the necessary materials. The roll of toilet paper will be used as the basis for the confetti gun, while the scotch tape will be used to attach the cut balloon to the roll. The leftovers of coloured paper will be made into a thousand pieces and used as confetti while the larger cutouts will serve to give a colourful and festive touch to the object they are creating.

Once the children have collected the materials, it’s time to start creating the confetti gun. First, cut the balloon to form a spherical shell so that the remaining part can be attached to the toilet paper roll. This will be the heart of the confetti gun, which will be filled with confetti during use.

Next, use scotch tape to attach the cut balloon to the toilet roll. To do this, simply wrap the tape around the balloon and the roll, so that they are firmly joined together.

Once the balloon and toilet paper roll have been fixed together, it will be time to wrap the coloured paper around the object you are creating. Children can choose the color of the decoration according to their tastes and preferences, or use more than one color to create an even more cheerful and colourful effect.

Once the coloured paper has been wrapped around the roll and balloon, the workshop is complete and the confetti gun is ready to be used during the holidays.
Children can fill the confetti gun with confetti and use it to create a festive and fun atmosphere during Mardi Gras.
In conclusion, this creative workshop for children is a fun and instructive activity that allows children to develop fine motor skills, coordination and creativity.

Quick Info

Addressed to:
  • primary school
  • birthdays
  • public/private events
  • families
  • libraries
Age range:5-10 years
N° partecipants:Max 10 kids
Duration:2.5 hours
Required material:None
Place:Outdoor or indoor