Soap bubbles

“Be gentle because bubbles are delicate”

Soap bubbles have always enchanted people of all ages.
During the soap bubbles workshop, children – and adults too! – will find that you can use the most diverse everyday objects or even just your hands to make wonderful soap bubbles of all sizes.
We will build and experiment together many tools to create giant soap bubbles and learn by playing with bubble evolutions.


1) Intro

We will begin the laboratory by considering how the most disparate objects of daily use can be used for a purpose other than that for which they were conceived.
In particular, we will discover how simple plastic bottles, wool threads, straws, wooden rods and the cores of toilet paper rolls can be transformed with a little imagination and dexterity into perfect soap bubble creation tools.
This is a very important point for me, as much as on a pedagogical-creative level as on raising awareness about environmental issues.
Next we will focus on the most important tool for the success of a bubble: our breath.
It is in fact only by blowing with extreme delicacy and coordination that it is possible to give life to a bubble without exploding it before it is born.
We will then practice listening to our breathing and proceed with small mindfulness exercises in order to acquire the necessary control to ensure the intensity and duration of the breath.

2) Construction

Then, with my help, the little apprentices will proceed to the construction of the instruments.
Cut-out plastic bottles, rolls of toilet paper covered with coloured scotch, small devices with straws and wool threads or any other tool you can assemble with the available materials.
During this phase particular attention is given to the inventiveness of the project and to the ingenuity of the workmanship, knowing that the favorite tool for children to create bubbles will always be their hands.

3) Testing

Finally, we will put to the test the tools that we have built getting familiar with the few ingredients necessary to the success of a soap bubble: breathing delicately and immersing carefully the instrument in soapy water.

Quick Info

Addressed to:
  • Kindergarten
  • preschool
  • primary school
  • birthdays
  • public/private events
  • families
Age range:3-10 years
N° partecipants:Max 10 kids
Duration:2 hours
Required material:None
Place:Outdoor or indoor