The gifts of Nature

Walking in the woods Nature offers children many ideas to express their creativity and have fun.
The art craft done with organic materials found during exploration in the wild gives children the opportunity to satisfy their instinct to express creatively the lived experience.
Just bring a basket or a box and collect all the gifts that inspire you: leaves of different colours and shapes, bark flakes, pine cones, twigs, grass, acorns, sticks, pine needles, stones and pieces of rock of various shades, seeds of different sizes, shapes and colours.
In this workshop, children will discover that the Nature keeps on giving us many gems, the only thing it requires of you is to respect its wild and delicate balance.


This workshop is divided into three phases:

1) Research of materials

Nature offers us infinite material to loosen the reins to our imagination.
In this laboratory we begin with the collection of dry leaves, sticks, acorns and anything else found in Nature discovering their physical characteristics: roughness, size, shape, color.

2) Composition of a collage

With the collected materials we proceed to the composition of collages and drawings on free themes evoked by the gifts of nature.

3) Invention of a story

At this stage the child is invited to give life to a fantasy story starting from their creations.

Quick Info

Addressed to:
  • kindergarten
  • preschool
  • primary school
  • birthdays
  • public/private events
  • families
Age range:3-10 years
N° partecipants:Max 20 kids
Duration:2 hours
Required material:Leaves, branches, pine cones, acorns and other gifts of Nature
Place:Outdoor or indoor