L’inventamostri is an illustrated book created and designed by Fabrizio Silei, but it is also a cardboard game that allows you to compose and create hundreds of artistic and colorful monsters with the simple help of a box of sample clips easily found in any stationery or office supplies store.
In this workshop listening to the story in the strict sense of the term follows a real narrative game in which children become authors of the plot, creators of the protagonists and singers of the stories they invented.


This workshop is divided into three distinct parts.

In this phase L’inventamostri is presented in its dual nature: on the one hand the book and on the other the game after which it tells the story of the book accompanied by possible proposals for monsters to be realized in the manual part of the laboratory

This part of the workshop begins by familiarizing with the use of the sample holders to join the pieces of cardboard contained in the package, after which the children will be free to compose the “monstrous characters” that their creativity and imagination will bring to life.

Depending on the age range of the children participating in the workshop this phase offers some possible alternatives.
For the older ones: once the realization of the monsters in turn will offer the opportunity to invent and give life to an animated story to present to the companions.
In this phase it is proposed as a valid helper kamishibai to meet the different degrees of shyness of children who can find a safe shelter behind the “paper theater”.
For the little ones: You can put together simple scenes that the can partecipate to as spectActors.
In this case a very interesting variant can be made with the kamishibai equipped with a “screen” of baking paper and a light to create a spectacle of Chinese shadows using the children’s creations as subjects.

Quick Info

Addressed to:
  • Kindergarten
  • primary school
  • birthdays
  • public/private events
  • families
  • libraries
Age range:4-10 years
N° partecipants:Max 15 kids
Duration:2.5 hours
Required material:None
Place:Outdoor or indoor